The Random Tally Whacker!

For now this is the only regular (well, once I put up another installment) feature I have on my blog. It’s called, “The Random Tally Whacker”… to quote myself (and you can quote me here): “I’m going to take certain phrases, lyrics, sayings and quotations out of popular culture and dissect them faster than it took me to puke in high school from seeing the innards of my dissected frog.”

I’ll keep this page updated with URL links to the posts of this feature below:

Random Tally Whacker Part I – He Played One…

Got any ideas for me to Randomly Whack the Tally out of? Just poop out a comment below and I’ll see what I can do. Can’t poop out a comment? Why not … take some prune juice, relax the sphincter, and let your bowels do the talking.


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