Directions To The Party!

Hey there! Glad you could R.S.V.P. to the internet party that is “The Random Tally Blog”! What? I forgot to give you directions on how to get here? How silly of me! You think the people that helped me print up those invitations would have told me that I was missing directions!

Well, glad you asked me, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to make it… and don’t think of this party as a one time deal, come back anytime… it’s an internet party for kick’s sake… the party is raging 24-7, except during Yom Kippur, when the internet shuts down for a few hours to reflect on all those years of repression.

But anyway, enough rambling, you want some directions… well, for one, you could be kind to me and syndicate my content by subscribing to my RSS feed. I’m not sure what RSS means, but for the purposes of my blog let’s just call it “Really Super Subscription (to the hippest place on the net with no fee… or as I like to call my RSS at the party, RSSTTHPOTNWNF)…

Ohh, sorry, I didn’t realize your parents aren’t going to let you use the car this weekend because of your grades… so, the RSSTTHPOTNWNF is out of the question. Why not take some public Google transportation over… you can find me number one ranked (or at least on the first page) of Google by searching such great phrases as, “Miley Cyrus Chatroom” (actual chatroom not found on this blog), “What Will Give You Cancer” (again, answer not found on this blog), “Naked Ladie Poker Chips” (not really proud of this one… especially since it’s the Canadian spelling of “lady”, but again, actual poker chips sold separately), “Break Up Letter To Wife” (I’m not even married), and “Edward Norton Atheist” (by the way, if you’re hanging out at my party, I’d really like you to read some literature on my “Curb Stomp Edward Norton Out Of Hollywood Campaign“).

Again, I’m real excited you can make it to the “Random Tally Blog” party. The party will always be raging and I’ll never enforce a dress code, unless you’re fat… then for kick’s sake, put on some pants!


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