I Might Not Be Gay… I Might Not Be Proud…

I’ve had the last few days off from writing anything on this blog (to my regular readers, much apology and I’ll answer your emails about my whereabouts individually within the next few days). So what’s been going on in the world while I’ve taken a vacation from blogging? Well, the good ‘ole progressive state of Schwarzenegger has finally done it! Much props! You finally went out and made gay marriage a reality on the West Coast. If you don’t watch the news… here’s poof proof according to Google… leave it to Google to class up the search results by putting in those fantastic rainbows (if I was any better at computer stuffs, this entire blog would be covered with rainbows… not because I’m gay, but I love rainbows, pots of gold and wily leprechauns all dressed in green… I should also clarify that I’m not Irish either).

How do I feel about this being a) a heterosexual and b) someone not from California? Honestly, I’m all for it! To show my support I made this video. It’s not so much gay as it shows the great bond two men (errr… boys) can have together… but isn’t that almost the same thing? Here’s the video… enjoy!


~ by Rand McTally on June 23, 2008.

One Response to “I Might Not Be Gay… I Might Not Be Proud…”

  1. [picture of rainbow]
    (not gay)
    (but supportive)

    -dimitri m.

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